Our team of top designers are highly skilled and has the expertise in creating the most innovative and practical design concepts for residential, offices, restaurants, hotels, banks, clinics, airlines, international brands, exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc. at any size or budget.

Our design principles simply aim for a top class output that can reflect the functional needs and preferences of each client.

Our professional project team will continue to deliver impeccable service as well as high quality workmanship within your deadline and budget.

DESIGN COOL CONCEPT has numerous business partners in Hong Kong and China to help facilitating the perfect designs, furniture and fittings to cater for the diverse needs of individuals and corporate. 


about dcc

專業設計師團隊成員, 具有高度的專業知識, 敢於創新和實用的設計理念, 為我們的客戶, 包括大小或任何預算的住宅,辦公室,餐廳,酒店,銀行,診所,航空公司,國際品牌,展覽廳, 商場等服務。

簡單的設計原則及理念, 為每個客戶提供高質素設計並能反映功能需求和偏好。 


灝升設計工程有限公司 在香港和中國的業務合作夥伴,旨在協助優化設計,家具制作和配套,以滿足多樣化要求的客戶及企業所需。

We create designs for the future!

​   DESIGN COOL CONCEPT    灝升設計工程有限公司